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Testimonials - What Our Clients Have to Say


"Keith - My wife and I were thinking of you and the awesome job you did for us last year getting our 455 Cruisers from Staten Island NY to Saint Joseph MI. It was a true bucket list trip for me. I felt very safe and comfortable with you the entire trip. I also learned more about my new boat, boat control and navigation in that 9 days then I could have ever learned on my own. I’m more comfortable at the helm of this boat then I’ve ever been with any of our other four boats before it, thanks to you.


Then after talking about the trip I went and check your blog to see what kind of trips you’ve been on lately. I was pleasantly surprised to see you’re on a similar trip even stopping at some of the same ports we stopped at.  That brought back some great memories. If you're ever in our area or even just passing thru please give us a call.  We would love to do dinner and drinks!!


Thanks Again, for the trip of a life time.  - Daryl Pendergrass"



“I’ve used Captain Keith twice for significant deliveries, and both experiences have been nothing short of superb. First was when I bought the boat and ran it from Long Island, NY to Woodbridge, VA. I wanted an expert to show me the ropes and allow me to learn the boat. I accompanied Captain Keith and he knew exactly how to teach, when to be in charge and when to let me try and do it.  My second delivery was from Woodbridge, VA to Bradenton, FL. There was no doubt that I would call on Captain Keith to take care of it. My schedule did not allow me to make the trip; however, there wasn’t a second of doubt that Keith would get it done safely, efficiently and professionally. Captain Keith communicates impressively before, during and after a delivery. A talented professional who absolutely loves what he does.  I can’t say enough or make a stronger recommendation for anyone in need of the services of an extraordinarily professional sea Captain!”  — Gene Moran


"Keith - What can I say.  I was more than impressed with how you handled the trip from Florida to New York.  We started up to New York in a single engine trawler in heavy rains.  You handled it like it was a sunny, calm day on the water.  I like your answer to my question about rain: "boats are meant to get wet".  You had a great plan for the trip, and were always prepared and handled the days routine like a pro.  It was going well until we lost an oil line in Georgia.  You got control of the situation, had a mechanic meet us at the dock even though we were far from a major repair facility.  I left you there to finish the trip while I flew home.  You had the boat repaired, got a mate and came up in heavy seas and rain most of the way.  You treated my boat like it was yours cleaning it every night and kept it running smooth.  I haven't met a man as dedicated as you in a long time.  You are what everyone wants when they hire a captain.  The old question of who you would want in a foxhole with you; you are my pick.  Thanks for getting my boat up here. You made it look easy and I know it was a rough trip." - Tom S.


"I wanted to send you a note and let you know I’m doing fine handling our new boat. We’ve had it out several times taking family and friends for lake cruises plus had it to the fuel dock as well. I feel very comfortable driving it, getting it in and out of the slip, and handling it around the docks as well as in the river with boat traffic. Tina is also starting to get comfortable with her new role and knowing I can handle the boat. You are a great teacher and I wanted you to know we really appreciate all your help.  We are loving our new boat and able to enjoy using it thanks to you." - Daryl P.


"Keith - Your written delivery report looks great . A super record for the trip and a great 'going forward' tool.  Your guidance, skill and easy way greatly enhanced the trip. Not only the navigation but the learning and light but firm hand you gave to Zach and me on the handling of the boat gave us a great leap forward on our confidence levels.  In an earlier conversation today, Zach acknowledged that I was right to have you on board and he said your presence added greatly to the trip and that he enjoyed your company alot.  I already emailed our broker, Johnny Riggs this morning singing your praises.  I look forward to continuing our friendship through emails and I look forward to seeing you again soon.  Please use me for any reference you may want."  - Doug L. 


"This is the third time I’ve used Capt Keith's services and I’d use him again in a heartbeat. His navigation skills are flawless and even after a combined 6,800 miles on the water during our 3 trips together I continued to learn things via his life/water experiences. I was also impressed with how well he fit in with our family during their time on the boat in the Bahamas." - Dan M.

"Thanks Keith for the delivery and the exceptional service.  The trip was a great experience for me.  Thanks especially for the boating knowledge you so generously shared with me during the trip."  - Greg M.


"Keith - I was sitting here on my boat thinking about our trip up to New York together and had to send you a thank you again. It was a great trip with you and a fabulous learning experience. You taught me more in four days than I could of learned in a year by myself. You gave me the confidence to handle the boat by myself. You are a real professional in every sense of the word. It was a pleasure meeting you and traveling with you. I have been telling everyone I meet how great you are as a captain and a teacher. Please keep in touch. Feel free to give my phone number to anyone who wants to know about your yacht delivery service. Thank you again." - Eddie S.

"This past weekend I asked Captain Keith to join me on Salty Dawg to give me a tutorial on my 441. I would highly recommend this for all new Meridian owners. This is the second time I have had Keith join me shortly after taking delivery (391 and 441) and have found it to dramatically accelerate my learning curve on systems, handling, maintenance schedules, real world rules of the road etiquette and practical how to’s. He is a great guy to have around and is patient with all of my questions (no matter how many times I ask). While MM offers orientation with purchase I have found Captain Keith’s specific Meridian knowledge to be much more helpful and highly recommend him. Thanks again Keith" - Bruce L.


"My wife and I bought our Meridian 341 in June and were lucky enough to work with Capt Keith to deliver her from the Potomac River to Key West. Not only was it a great trip and unbeatable learning experience (my wife and I accompanied Keith on the delivery), it was also less expensive than trucking via land. I did look into delivery over the road and it would have required disassembly and reassembly of the bridge, etc. Not only is Keith a fantastic Captain, he is also a fellow Meridian owner, a wealth of knowledge, and now a good friend." - Eric H.



"I would like to add my voice to the choir of recommendations for Captain Keith. I was glad to have had the opportunity to meet Keith at Yacht Expo in December where I purchased my 441. While we only had a few minutes to speak, it was obvious that he’s one of the good guys.

Now that I’ve had the privilege of using his delivery service, I can unequivocally say that his excellent reputation is well-deserved. Unfortunately, I was unable to be aboard for the 1,354 mile trip from Stuart, Florida to New York City that Keith was able to cover in six days. I can only imagine the anxiety I would have felt were it someone other than Keith at the helm. He is nothing short of a pure professional and I felt completely at ease knowing the boat was in his care.

Keith was in touch each day, even after all-day runs and washing down the boat. When I asked him to fire off a few pictures when possible, he happily obliged. The daily reports (in the form of detailed spreadsheets) were as thorough as could be and his offer to remain a resource is an additional source of comfort for this Meridian newbie. And that really drives the point home… Keith cares. Not simply as a qualified professional, but as a fellow Meridian owner and boating enthusiast.

If anyone has specific questions about my experience please don’t hesitate to PM me. I can recommend Captain Keith without hesitation and only hope I have the opportunity to join him on board should I need his services again. In the meantime, it’s great to have a new friend. Thanks again Cap!" - A.G.


"Captain Keith is fabulous. We used his services both on the front end of our new Meridian 441 purchase to help us evaluate a unit in Wrightsville Beach, N.C. Then I reconnected with Keith during Yacht Expo which helped solidify our purchase of a new factory unit. Keith recently moved our boat to its current home in Wrightsville Beach, NC from Stuart, FL. The move was flawless. It's great to work with someone who care to do a great job and who is so dedicated to building confidence with their clients by paying attention to the details. Kudos to Captain Keith" - John G.


"Keith - I want to thank you again for giving me confidence in driving the boat. I learned more from you in 2 days than I would have in an entire season! Your advise and your experience really made the difference. I would definitely recommend you to all of my friends. Thanks so much for everything. And thanks for your generosity. You gave up nearly 4 days travel to be with us for 2 days and that did not go by unnoticed. We really appreciate it. We look forward to seeing you again soon!" - Ely & Mike M.


"I want to say a big thank you to Capt Keith who made the trip from Seabrook, TX to Wilmington, NC and back with me and provided day to day nautical coaching and a break from the wheel as well as a keen sense of direction. I have many years of boating experience (in fact I made a trip from Seabrook, TX to St. Louis and back in 2005 with just my family) but my knowledge and skills went to the next level thanks to Capt Keith’s coaching. In addition to his excellent boating/maneuvering skills he is a great person with unyielding character. THANK You Capt Keith!!!!" - Dan M.


"To become more comfortable with your vessel, I would highly recommend spending one day with a Captain that is familiar with your boat. When I bought my Meridian 391, it was 400 miles from my dock on the ICW. I knew I would be able to find my way home but I was moving from a small express cruiser into a 40' SB vessel with many systems that I was not familair with. I hired Capt. Keith and we spent 2 1/2 days bringing my boat to my dock from South Florida. He taught me so much about my boat that I have saved many times the price of the trip in silly little stupid "fix-it" items that would have been aggravations on the water. If you have a chance, contact Capt. Keith and see if you can catch him on a trip and spend a day with him on the water. He will teach you 10 times more than any dealer." - Neal E.


"A special thank you goes out to Capt Keith Mackey who, over the last six months, has answered a ton of emails and has been very kind, tolerant, and helpful to this newbie. Keith is so knowledgeable, he has really guided me in my purchase. Not only is he a smart captain, but he truly has been very giving of his time and experience. We then hired Captain Keith for the first week aboard our new boat and he accompanied us to just north of Norfolk, VA.It was a good move. Captain Keith is a very engaging and patient captain, taught us a lot about the boat, about piloting, about charting our course, and the mechanical systems. For that, I am very thankful." - Bill & Joan B.


" I will say this....As a New Yorker, we are used to moving at a pretty fast pace in life. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the way this was handled..Keith was prompt, professional and a gentleman...I have a very tight schedule, and he has made it really easy." - Bill W.


"Capt Keith is the only guy to use. Not only will you get a Captain, you will also get a mentor and trainer. Regardless of cost, go with Captain Keith" - Peter W.


"Capt Keith is awesome!! We found him by referral from Meridian - discussed our needs and booked his services from Sydney, Australia!! Then together with my husband took the boat from Venice Florida to Savannah Georgia - they had an amazing trip and Keith knows the Meridians back to front so Adam also learned an immense amount!! He is sensational." - Melinda & Adam G., Sydney, Australia


"I would also like to thank Capt. Keith for one of the best boating experiences I have ever had. Hopefully not the last though. I would highly recommend Keith to anyone that would need the service of a Capt. He is extremely professional, hardworking, organized, knowledgeable and not a bad guy to hang out with. I would hire him in a heartbeat if I were to need his services again. Thanks Keith, you’re the best." - Rob N.


"Keith, you are an excellent Captain and I am lucky to have you at the helm. Thank you for all of your help." - Marc G.


"Thanks for the great work and jumping on board so quickly and going the extra mile to identify and fix the throttle trouble. I appreciate the effort. I will be dropping a check in the mail and including a tip. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who asks. I expect to be told when you are coming up this way again so I can buy you a beer." - Scott F.

"Well the day has finally come to take our 459 up to Maryland. We're all packed and have done our homework. We will keep you posted as to how the trip goes. Thanks to everyone for your help and assistance, especially Capt. Keith. Great guy and would recommend him to anyone needing a Captain. He is fun and could get along with anybody." - Mike M.

"Also a big thank you to Captain Keith Mackey who provided the delivery service from the southern east coast of FL to Wash DC. Capt Keith provided me with detailed notes while the boat was moved up from FL to DC. Thanks to Keith, his crew and a little luck from the sea gods the trip was completed in just 7 days and the new boat arrived last Friday with out incident." -
David H.

"This is a new, never been titled vessel. I cannot thank everyone enough for your guidance, advice, tips, and information. I would like to especially thank Captain Keith Mackey for his tireless coaching and help. Other than me, he is the only person I allow behind the helm of my boat." -
Paul P.


"Hey Keith - Now that I am settled back in after a week and a half away, I wanted to thank you again for your help yesterday. While I was drifting off the Montauk coast, I certainly could have called Cummins or the dealership but my first instinct was to give you a ring because I knew you'd be happy to help in an instant without my having to deal with operators and being put on hold. And you're a fellow boater. I hope to never have to bug you again like that but as I was scrambling to find the right info, your having mentioned that we should never hesitate to reach out resonated.  So thank you, thank you, thank you.  The rest of the trip back was perfect.  Talk to you soon.  -A.G.